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Reclaimed, based in Long Beach, California, makes custom furniture and various other things for purchase and/or rental. Most of our products are made from reclaimed wood, found and repurposed right here in Southern California. We also have a variety of other vintage and modern items available for rental for events and weddings.

Handmade items for rent

These are typically one of a kind items made specifically for event rentals. From tables to benches, signs to easels, we've tackled it all. Take a look and see if anything suits your fancy for your next big event.

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Handmade items for sale

These are items that were created for specific purposes, and as such are truly one of a kind. They are meant to be treasured forever. Some of these items are for sale, and others serve as inspiration for those looking for a one of a kind memento for their special occasion.

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Vintage rentals

These are wonderful vintage items that we've found, and we'd love to share with you for your event. Let us know if there's something you like, or if there's something you'd like us to keep an eye out for. Check back often, as we're always scouring the hot spots of vintage items for new acquisitions.

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